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Curriculum vitae Julietta Zanders [1964]

Art and Design Academy 's-Hertogenbosch, discipline monumental design
Art Academy Rotterdam, graduated in painting and monumental design
Architecture Academy Maastricht
Architecture Academy Amsterdam, graduated in 'Superior urban villas and the paintings of Francis Bacon'

Siemens Award '91
Dutch Concrete Award '94
Archiprix 2000

solo-exhibition at Galery van Wijngaarden Amsterdam
Exhibition Space at the Transformatorhuis Oostelijke Handelskade Amsterdam
Archiprix 2000, traveling trough Europe
Imaginary Museum Café at Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo
Villa for IJburg, Amsterdam, exhibition organised by the municipality of Amsterdam

realised projects
two urban villas in Venlo 2003-2004

Super urban villas and the paintings of Francis Bacon
The paintings of Francis Bacon are a distortion of reality. Bacon's work is about extreme isolation - by which is meant the internal aspect of isolation. The urban villas came about by rendering these paintings as a three-dimensional experience. It is a game played between mass and void, between heavy and light, between investing in peace of mind, and an indictment of reality. Paris, Amsterdam or New York. Berlin, Buenos Aires or Barcelona. In all the villas isolation and individualism are the main thrust. Which is why I refer to Bacon's paintings. He distorts reality, so as to bring a more deep-rooted reality into view.

Julietta Zanders